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Dress to Impress (Work-from-home Style)

Dress to Impress (Work-from-home Style)

Let’s face it, working from home is the new norm for most people. Sure it may change some in the next few months but making yourself comfy in your home office is here to stay. But the one thing you may miss is dressing up for work.

Or at least your bottom half. To be honest, I’m guilty of wearing my slippers for a Zoom call with my boss. Why put on shoes if you really don’t have to? Plus, who is going to know? 

But you can dress to impress and still be comfortable. The following work-from-home style is sure to make you look and feel good.

Gotta Love Leggings

Okay, I live in San Diego, and wearing yoga pants everywhere (regardless if you’re planning to workout) has been in since the 70s. Or at least it feels that way. And I see no indication of this changing. Once you find the right pair, you practically live in them. 

Now, Lululemon took the stretch pants to a whole new level and price. But you can find high-quality leggings at many of my favorite stores now. When you work from home, leggings really are your go-to item. 

The thing about leggings is that you have so many choices. Soft buttery ones to spandex control tops that suck everything in. High-waisted, low-waisted, Capri, and boot length. The list goes on—solid colors to tiger prints. 

Photo Courtesy of Summersalt

When it comes to selecting which ones are right for your work-from-home style, I’d recommend the Summesalt full-length leggings paired with a cashmere sweater. The eco-conscious company makes super comfortable leggings from recycled plastic bottles. 

Photo Courtesy of Wear Pact

For those who love pocket leggings, Wear Pact has ones your skin will thank you for. A company out of Boulder, Colorado, that makes eco-conscious clothing at affordable prices.

House Dress is Back

Okay, some of you may never have heard of a house dress or mumu until 2020. Or if you had, you had images of stay-at-home-moms (SAHM) in the 1950s with curlers in their hair. Not called SAHMs then, but housewives. Or Homer Simpson working from home in a house dress

Photo Courtesy of Habitually Chic

To be honest, I hadn’t even thought of a house dress until I listened to this podcast on NPR about the resurgence. 

I then made a few a part of my work-from-home-style. A house dress is a loose, flowy dress that’s forgiving and made out of soft fabric. It looks great on camera and makes sitting for hours manageable. 

Photo Courtesy of Poshmark

My favorite style of house dress is the shirt dress. It comes in short or long sleeves and can be dressed up with a belt or bulky bracelets. It's soft, sexy, and feminine. You can dress it up or down. Or add a Sea & Grass bag to make it an outfit. 

How to Look Good On Zoom

I don’t know about you, but seeing yourself on Zoom can really ruin your day. The camera really does add pounds. Add in bad lighting and close-ups. And you start to really reassess your fashion and make-up choices. 

However, looking chic on Zoom is possible with a few fundamental changes. First, make sure you have good lighting in front of you. This way, you’re not in the shadows. You can also not worry about wearing darker colors.

Splashing it up with brighter colors or a nice background can make you pop. Add in a small picnic tote to hold your office goodies gives a stylish splash to any online meeting. 

Your Zoom outfit should strike a balance between comfort and style. You can also power it up with accessories. Working remotely in a comfortable fashion sense will still be a thing in 2021, but pick items that you can eventually
wear at the office too. Some fashion bloggers even recommend dressing up at home to get into the work mindset.

Whatever you choose to wear at home for your day job, it's sure to be a success with a house dress and leggings. As fashion trends come and go, comfort never does! 

Amber Roshay is a content manager who helps brands connect and grow. She's been featured on Business InsiderMotherlyThe Write Life, and more. When she's not writing content, she's enjoying the beach with her family in San Diego. 



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