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The Names Behind the Sea & Grass Bags

The Names Behind the Sea & Grass Bags

Different cultures have different naming traditions. In Thailand, Buddhist monks sometimes have the honor of choosing the child's first name, and the parents choose the nickname. For centuries, artisans from painters to sculptors named their creations after their muses. 

Bags are no exception.

The iconic bag Hermès Birkin is named after the actress Jane Birken. The Gucci Jackie handbag is named after the iconic Jackie Kennedy. 

Sea & Grass bags are named after the people we love. Each purse and tote is handcrafted and as unique as the people they're christened after. We like to think of it as it’s all in the name. Here are the names behind the Sea & Grass bags.

Caitlyn Tote

Like all firstborns, the Caitlyn Tote is used to being in the center of attention. The half-moon design and unique seagrass weave and coloring make this tote as impressive as the person it's named after—  our oldest daughter.

Caitlyn came into this world a fierce warrior princess with a strong sense of rules and a willingness to break them. The Caitlyn Tote symbolizes the free-spirited and quick to take charge essence of our oldest. With a bag like the Caitlyn Tote, anything is possible.

Quinn Bucket Tote

The pint-sized Quinn Bucket Tote may be half the Caitlynn Tote's size but never underestimate small packages. This can be said for our second born Quinn, hence the bag's name.

Quinn's a trailblazer with an exuberant zest for life. She wakes up in the morning with a smile and is rebellious as she is a crowd-pleaser. All traits are infused in the Quinn Bucket Tote.

Cara Mini-Tote & Kayla Circular Tote


If you’re lucky enough to have goddaughters, then you’re going to love the Cara Mini-Tote and Kayla Circular Tote. It's named after my goddaughter Kayla and Cara is my best friends's daughter. We've been soul sisters since we were 10 years old. These 30 plus years of friendship have nourished and supported me in the best and worst times of my life.

The in-house design is handwoven, making each mini-tote as unique as our friendship. As a way to honor my friends, I wanted to create a bag that symbolizes our bond.

Kenzie Denim Crossbody

The names behind the Sea & Grass Bags wouldn't be complete without mentioning my third god daughter, Kenzie. In her honor, I created the Kenzie Crossbody. The sleek elegance matches her fierce spirit. When all of the god daughters and my girls are together it feels like everything is complete. 

Casey Pouch with Tassel

Have you ever had a friend that knows what you’re thinking before you do? Or a friend that knows your deepest secrets and never judges? If so, then when you wear the Casey Pouch with Tassel, you’ll be reminded all over again.

The namesake is after my middle school best friend's son Casey.  My friend has been more than a companion, but a sister, a call to arms, a friendship that has lasted despite living far apart for the past few years. Kangaroos and Koalas have pouches, and just like them, I’ll be holding this friendship close for many more years to come.

Addie Tote

The cliche it takes a village is true when it comes to raising kids. Well, it may not take a village when you have Aunt Addie around. Anytime we needed her, she has come to help us with our girls.

As a retired elementary school teacher, she understands what it takes to raise strong girls and has forged a strong bond with them. The Addie Tote is a simple round circle with an intricate weave, much like our beloved Aunt Addie.

Camryn Tote

Sustainability, quality, and good friendships are center stage in everything we do at Sea & Grass. This is even more apparent with the Camryn Tote. The Camryn Collection comes in multiple sizes and design twists while being named after my friend's daughter Camryn.  

The friendship started on the basketball court many years ago and still goes strong today.

As a way to honor a friend’s daughter, you can have a message or name hand-stitched with Japanese silk yarn in the Camryn Monogram Tote. This personal touch adds heartwarming sophistication that, like good friendships, will last a lifetime.

While a well-made bag may look great on your arm, the name behind the bag is where your heart may lie. It’s all in the name at Sea & Grass means love, friendship, quality, and giving back. This message is infused in everything we do!

Amber Roshay is a content manager who helps brands connect and grow. She's been featured on Business InsiderMotherlyThe Write Life, and more. When she's not writing content, she's enjoying the beach with her family in San Diego. 


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