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How to Plan a Deluxe Fall Beach Picnic

How to Plan a Deluxe Fall Beach Picnic

While you may think that picnics are only for warm sunny days, picnics are a great fall activity with family and friends. They can make a pretty romantic date or celebration. Fall beach picnics combine everything there is to love about ocean waves and quality time with loved ones. 

But not just any picnic will do. You want a luxurious picnic that looks as beautiful as it is fun.  At Sea & Grass, we've got you covered. We are going to show you how to plan a deluxe fall beach picnic in seven easy steps.

1) Pick the Right Fall Location

beach picnic locations

Your beach location matters. If you're lucky enough to have a few different stretches of sand to choose from, keep in mind the following:

  • Parking options
  • Beach vibe 
  • Sand quality
  • Weather 

Each beach has its own distinct flavor. In San Diego, California we have a few choices. There is Pacific Beach full of party revelers and a diverse cast of characters. Across the bay is Coronado Island, known for its powdery white sand and glowing sunsets. Up north are Encinitas and Ponto Beach, where down-to-earth locals barbecue with families on the weekend. 

Beach set up

Choose a beach that fits your event and vibe. For example, if it's a romantic date, a quieter beach may be ideal. Or if parking is a consideration, a less popular beach out of the way, maybe the ticket.

2) Choose the Right Picnic Style

Boho Style Picnic Set up

Luxury picnics like wine come in different styles that appeal to various pallets. The most popular style is the boho style. Bohemian style is eclectic and brings the indoors outdoors. 

Think about soft ground cushions on a tiki mat nestled up to a table close to the ground. It gives off the vibe of taking off your shoes and staying a while. Boho style mixes modern with traditional in a way that pleases the eye and makes guests feel right at home. Add in layers of linens, rattan textures, and vintage touches. 

Luxury Beach Picnic Boho Style

If you're seeking a more modern touch, turn the boho style into an eye-catching palette of one or two colors. The simplicity of burnt orange and off-white make a pleasing combination. Or go all white and sea blue to match the water and waves. You may also want to fall into a rustic palette of red and white checkered tablecloths and cloth napkins with farm animals. Fall beach picnics are always a hit when you plan your style ahead of time.

3) Plan the Food

picnic food ideas

For most people, picnic food is the main event. When choosing the picnic food, think about the elements. Sand, while fun for your toes, doesn't add much to a fruit salad. Picnic food needs to respect the details by being easy to transport, enjoy, and pack up later. The last thing you need is worrying about keeping it too cold or hot. 

Some good picnic foods are finger foods like sandwiches. Sandwiches are simple and easy to put together. They can also come packed with flavor. Caprese sandwiches with layered mozzarella cheese, ripe tomatoes, and drizzled with a homemade pesto can turn an ordinary picnic into a premier event.

charcuterie picnic food setup

Charcuterie boards topped with veggies, meats, and cheeses are a feast for the eyes and palate. You can use a charcuterie board designer template to show you how to arrange the food. Charcuterie style is also family-style, making it super fun to enjoy together.

4| Think About Beverages

picnic beverage ideas

Deluxe beach picnics are not complete without suitable beverages. If you're going to partake in the alcohol-infused kind, peach mimosas are a fun choice. Popping some bubbly turns an ordinary picnic into a splurge. But you can skip the champagne and serve fresh lemonade or iced tea. You can also add handmade candles to the table for an extra sophisticated touch. 

beach picnic baskets

Once you settle on the right beverage, you'll have to think about what you'll serve it in. Paper cups are easy to transport, and there are no worries about breakage, but if you want to elevate your picnic, use a high-quality tumbler or glass to serve drinks in. It truly does make your guests feel pampered.

5| Choose the Right Picnic Basket

You'll have to transport the food to the beach, so you'll need a straw picnic basket. Seagrass weaved baskets come in two different sizes and are a picnic basket and tote all in one. The handmade picnic baskets make it super easy to transport your picnic essentials to your desired destination. 

beach picnic baskets and totes

Other straw beach bags are ideal choices as well. The large garden basket holds tons of stuff but can also be the beverage or glass holder at the beach. Or the Talia Baskets with a honeycomb weave makes a gorgeous flower vase. You can use your seagrass beach bags as decoration in your boho picnic. 

Talia baskets for a beach picnic

6| Invite Your Guests

Now, it's time to get your guest list together. The magic of luxury picnics is that they can work for an important event like a bridal shower or birthday celebration. Or mommy and me day with good friends.

mommy and me beach picnic

In today's busy world, you may have to send out the invites a few weeks in advance. But whoever you invite, it's bound to be a magical day.

Beach picnic for kids

7| Slip-On A Picnic-Inspired Outfit

Now you've spent all this time thinking about the food, decoration, and setting, you also need to plan your fall picnic outfit. Of course, your outfit will depend on the weather, but typically a fall beach picnic will require more than a bikini and a coverup. Some excellent outfit choices are flowy dresses and floppy hats. 

beach picnic outfits

Down-to-earth colors in a rich taupe color scheme blend into the sand smoothly and simply. Choose a comfortable outfit that you can easily sit on cushions naturally. You may also want to dress in layers in case it becomes cold or hot. 


Now that you have planned your fall beach picnic, you're ready to see all your effort in action. Your deluxe beach picnic is sure to be a hit. So go on, slip off your shoes and sink your toes into the sand. 

Mommy and Me Picnics

Amber Roshay is a content manager who helps brands connect and grow. She's been featured on Business InsiderMotherlyThe Write Life, and more. When she's not writing content, she's enjoying the beach with her family in San Diego.


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