I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but spent many years living in Thailand. During my numerous visits up north, I became acquainted with a well known way of life amongst the villagers -- their skill and knowledge of seagrass. In an effort to help the community and provide work, I decided to collaborate with local artisan with their expertise in hand weaving to bring you beautifully crafted, natural handbags. These bags represent a piece of Thai culture, the hardworking women who make them, and my memories of the years I spent living there.

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A portion of our profits go to the 'Areeya Scholarship Fund'.

In Thai "Areeya" means "generosity and giving," and it's also Pam's eldest daughter's middle name. Purchases help contribute to the education of children in need, along with providing an essential income to the women in these villages. .




Sea & Grass is dedicated to sourcing handwoven bags with creativity, care and passion.