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9 Ways to Upcycle Your Totes Into Home Decor

9 Ways to Upcycle Your Totes Into Home Decor

Updated: 9/2022

One thing about a bag you love is that it never goes out of style. Still, there comes a time when that tote needs to be recycled or given away. But you don't have to bid farewell to a handbag you adore when you repurpose it.

Old handbags can be given a facelift by adding pom poms or removing a strap and becoming a clutch. But some bags can become household decor you'll love. Here are nine ways to upcycle your handbag into home decor. This way, you're getting organized in time for the new year. 


Entryway Accents That Pop 

The first impression of any home always begins at the entryway. But what usually clutters around the doorway are keys, shoes, and coats. If you have kids, the problem is only intensified.

Why not use a Sea & Grass bag to organize items or place it on a shelf to hold small blankets or scarves? The richness of the seagrass contrasts nicely with dark to light colors. Plus, it's super functional. There's nothing like giving your home some organization.

The Mini Tote-Tan Tote or Cara Tote tucks nicely into storage bench nooks or a key holder by the door. The Caitlyn Tote can hold umbrellas, hats, gloves, and scarves. Really the possibilities are endless. 


Repurposed Shopping Bag

Are you tired of all the plastic shopping bags collecting in the pantry? One way to solve that problem is to use a Talia Basket. You can use it as home decor in the entryway, adding a splash of style while making it easy to grab on the way out.

The honeycomb design is handwoven and comes in three different sizes. It truly is a versatile bag that will make shopping easier.

Take Time to Smell the Coffee

Nothing says good morning like a strong cup of joe. But it may even be better with the eye-pleasing seagrass coffee caddy. 

Pile up your beans in a stylish display of roasted goodness. It will be counter space you'll be glad you gave up. You can also use it to store coffee pods, cream, and sugar. 

Upscale Your Small Items

You can use a Sea & Grass bag to hold all your small items that usually collect in drawers. The Picnic Tote can turn into a candy or lego holder in seconds.

You can say goodbye to that pesky junk drawer and turn your aesthetically pleasing, woven bag into a storage container for all your miscellaneous items.  Now, you'll be secretly proud of your junk drawer.

Plant Your Style in a Seagrass Bag

Another way to repurpose your seagrass bag is to transform it into a plant bag. Seagrass is found in abundance in Thailand and thrives in salty water. By turning your handbag into a plant eye candy, you're returning the natural fiber where it began.

Seagrass pot holders add pizzazz to any entryway, living room, or patio. Your friends will think you had a designer give you some tips. The Camryn Jumbo with Tassel is the perfect vessel for any houseplant.

Breathe In the Flowers 

If taking care of a plant seems like another chore, you can turn your seagrass tote into a flower vase. Handwoven seagrass or bamboo provides a natural shell for bouquets.

Or add dried flowers or even upscaled faux ones for a table accent people will notice. The Quinn Tote or Bamboo Bucket is the perfect size for smaller bouquets. For more extensive flower arrangements, the Camryn Jumbo makes the flowers pop.

Keep Children's Bows All In One Place 

Most moms can't keep track of their kids' hair ties or bows. You seem to have a pile of bows, and the next day you can't find one. The best way to organize them is to have a seagrass container to hold all the different sizes. 

Why not transform your seagrass bag into a bow and clip organizer? The Kids Rainbow Brite Tote with rainbow stitching or the Pleiades X Seagrass Kids Backpack will keep all the hairbows in place and style up your home decor.

Organize Your Magazines and Books 

Clutter seems to creep up on even the most organized person. This is especially true for magazines and books. Why not use a Sara Market Tote to organize the clutter in a smart home decor addition?

Place the magazine and book caddy next to your favorite chair, and when you do find the time to read, everything will be right where it's supposed to be.

Home Decor Perfect for the Bathroom 

Seagrass is the perfect addition to any bathroom. Add in a seagrass bag to organize bottles, soaps, and towels, and the function and style will make the room come alive. 

The Quinn Tote is small enough to fit on any shelf or counter. You'll be surprised by how your seagrass bathroom caddy really stands out.

Finding ways to get organized and repurpose your seagrass bags is easier than you think. Seagrass is natural, timeless, and durable. When it's time to retire your handbag, upscale it into incredible home decor you'll love.

Amber Roshay is a content manager who helps brands connect and grow. She's been featured on Business InsiderMotherlyThe Write Life, and more. When she's not writing content, she's enjoying the beach with her family in San Diego.


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