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Pam's Favorite Gifts For Mother's Day

Gifts for Mother's Day
It's our favorite time of year again—Mother's Day! While this may seem like any other day to most people, for moms, this is the day for a bit of freedom. To luxuriously announce I want breakfast in bed or decide to line up with the rest of the moms at the local breakfast joint wearing her favorite handbag or tote. Mother's Day is one of the biggest days for going out for breakfast or lunch. 

Along with breakfast comes a Mother's Day gift. But what to give the mom or wife in your life? Well, everyone's heard of Oprah's Favorite Things. We've come up with Pam's Favorite Gifts for Mother's Day. Presents and handbags too sweet to resist. 

Pots of Love For Every Kind Of Mom

pots for Mother's Day

Photo Courtesy of Momma Pots

All moms need love, and what a better way than giving them a pot of love. Momma Pots makes unique pots to hold your favorite plant or succulent in your life. The one-of-a-kind designs are simple yet pop with color and style.

And goes better with a Momma pot than a momma basket for gardening. Our all time favorite is the Talia Basket or Cora Basket. Your mom will look so extra with this handy bag. 

Even if your mom doesn't have a green thumb, one of these beauties will make any room come alive. Your mom will adore this Mother's Day gift.

Sweeten the Pot For Mom With Tea

Photo Courtesy of La Rue 1680

Moms deserve a moment to get away from it all with a cup of tea. Away from the hustle and bustle of the household to relax. What a better way than elegant loose leaf tea from La Rue 1680.

Make it a complete experience with a unique tea set, and throw in these taste bud popping petits fours, and you'll be genuinely spoiling your mom. 

Light Up Mom's Life With a Candle

candle for mom

Candles add a great touch to any home decor. If it's a Sea & Grass Mangosteen Candle, it's a candle and reusable as a glass for your favorite drink. We've collaborated with Purveyoroffragrance to create a scent reminiscent of Pam’s childhood island hopping in Thailand. 

Mangosteen is a popular fruit in Thailand that is full of peach, citrus, and sweetness. The seagrass wrap gives it an earthy feel that will make any mom relax. 

Matching Photos for the Whole Family

Photo Courtesy of Primary

If the mom in your life loves family photos, she's going to love matching t-shirts from Primary. Primary mostly makes gender-neutral kids' clothes for younger littles, but they also have an infinity for matching family pajamas or t-shirts. You can also check out these Mommy and me outfits

Wouldn't the mom in your life love a family photo with everyone wearing the same shirt? Why not plan a family photoshoot. She'll be touched if you made such an effort. Then you can get one of the photos custom framed at Michaels

Mom’s love rainbows too. The Camyrn Rainbow Earthtone is handmade, hand stitched, and oh so handy for stuff. 

gifts for mommy

Treat Mom to Some Scent

Moms are constantly cleaning. Or at least it may feel like she always has a sponge. Well, what if you got her something that refreshes without having to put in any effort?

The diffusers Clarity Oil Diffuser - Casaluna or the Greenhouse Diffuser from Magnolia do just that to any room.  

oil diffuser for Mother's Day

Photo Courtesy of Magnolia

The essential oils (bergamot, grapefruit, and ginger) give off a relaxing, crisp scent that fills the room. Plus, the diffusers add a special touch to mom's home decor. 

Help Mom Move a Little

Moms are always on the run, too. Why not treat her to the most comfortable shoes possible? The Nike Women's Court Legacy Shoes are super comfortable, super cute, and not pricey at all.  Cute shoes always go with a great handbag. The  Casey Pouch with tassels can hold mom's essentials while she gets her daily steps. 

The shoes come in various colors and can be paired with a favorite pair of leggings or shorts. The mother in your life will fall in love with this gift for Mother's Day—one step at a time! 

Offer Mom Help With a Garden Basket

Mother's Day is right before summer, and that means lots of flowers. Or time spent in the garden. The Sea & Grass Garden Basket is big enough to hold any treasures around the house or out shopping.

flower basket for mom

It comes in two different sizes with a traditional seagrass weave. The feel and size will make any mom happy. 

Give Mom the Gift of Jewelry

Jewelry as a gift is always touching. Give it to your mom or wife, and you'll be sure to win extra points. Salty Cali Jewelry offers California-inspired jewelry that's handcrafted in San Diego.

jewelry for Mother's Day

The company, started by two friends with $50 bucks, is now found in boutiques all along the southern California coast. You're sure to find a necklace, earrings, or bracelet that matches the mom in your life. Plus, the jewelry goes fantastic with a Sea & Grass bag

For simple and elegant jewelry designs that can be personalized, try Soko. The Bahari Statement Cuff Bracelet. It's handcrafted in Kenya and truly is one of a kind. You can also personalize a cuff bracelet with the words, Mama, on the inside. 

bag for mom

Sea & Grass offers personalized totes with our Camryn Monogram Tote. You add up to three letters or initials. It takes a few weeks for the bag to arrive, so you need to plan ahead. But you could wrap a photo of the bag for Mother's Day and then celebrate again when the handbag comes! 

Save Mom From Swimsuit Shopping

Swimsuit shopping for most moms is not exactly a fun activity. It rates up there with a root canal. But the swimsuits for women from Minnow Swim are tasteful, stylish, and long-lasting. They also offer cover-ups, hats, and other beach accessories your mom will love. 

Splurge On Mom With a Handbag

Senreve makes handcrafted handbags in Italy. While on the higher end of price, these handbags offer grace and style for any mom to enjoy for years to come.

For a slightly less pricey option, the Kenzie Crossbody is elegant, big enough to hold a wallet, phone, and all the essentials. Topped with the cutest denim flap that can match almost anything.  

Give Mom the Gift of Stretching

Every mom has their thing when it comes to exercise. Well, it won't matter what that "thing" is in a comfortable pair of leggings or yoga pants. Mothers everywhere will love moving in Lululemon yoga pants. Everything about Lululemon yoga clothing squeezes everything nicely and feels like butter. 

Of courses, you'll need a handbag or tote to go with your leggings. The Camryn Jumboo with colorful tassels goes with any leggings you can find. Plus, it can hold everything plus the kitchen sink. You know how much stuff moms have to lug around. 

Slip-on Some Eco-Friendly Sandals

Avarcas USA makes the most comfortable and sustainable brand of sandals you can find. The styles are super cute, super durable, and super ready for moms. Nothing is better than slipping on a pair before running out for shopping.

Don't forget to throw in a Sara Market Tote. Sandals and tote do go together! For other eco-friendly brands check out this list of sustainable products. 

Whatever you decide to give your mom or wife for Mother's Day, you certainly can't go wrong with one of Pam's favorite things. If you're still uncertain what mom wants for Mother's Day, a good old-fashioned gift card will do the trick as well. 

If you don't want to break the bank, we have some excellent second sale handbags and totes. Perfectly imperfect bags for your absolutely perfect mom. 

Pair it with some flowers, and she can smell the roses while shopping for the perfect Mother's Day gift for herself. Sometimes moms do know best. 

gifts for mom


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