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8 Simple Design Ideas to Refresh Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

8 Simple Design Ideas to Refresh Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Updated: 9/2022

Decorating a home
can get kinda pricey. But sometimes, you just need to switch things up a bit, rather than transforming the room completely. And you’d be surprised by how one simple design choice can take your home decor to the next level without having to hire an interior designer. 

With these 8 simple design ideas to refresh your home furnishing without breaking the bank, you’ll be on your way to a whole new home makeover (minus having to spend a whole lotta dough, of course).

1| Add a Statement Wall

It may seem like everyone wants to make a statement nowadays. But you can do this easily with a statement wall. Wall decor comes in a gamut of simply adding a photo wall or trying some new wallpaper in the kid’s bedroom. 

You can choose wall decor that comes off easily with peel and stick or dive in entirely with the permanent stuff. 

Rainfall peel and stick wallpaper

Photo Courtesy of belleattuKIDS

If you love rainbows (yeah, we kinda do), you’ll love the Boho Coral Peach Wallpaper. It makes a wall practically sing with its down-to-earth vibe and stunning simplicity. The rainbow wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any nursery. Place a rainbow backpack in the corner, and you’ve got the cutest rainbow decor on this side of the Mississippi. If you're looking for more eco friendly backpacks, we've got you covered. 

Rainbow backpack and tote


2| Photo Walls Are Simple and Easy

Photo walls are also another fabulous way to transform a room without much effort. Although hanging photos may make your head spin if you’re anything like me. But you can give that job to your partner. This way, you’re both involved in the home furnishing.

When choosing a photo wall, you can go two ways: matchy or eclectic. Matchy is when you buy frames all the same color and artfully arrange them in a predetermined pattern. 

Eclectic is when you purposely choose different photo frames. You arrange them on the walls artfully, but with the impression, you didn’t give it any thought. 

collage photo wall

Photo Courtesy of Milk and Honey

A family photo wall is one of our favorites, but you can buy digital prints off Etsy, print them, and frame them yourself. One pro tip is to measure out each frame ahead of time with blue painter’s tape. Another pro tip is to make sure you fill the wall with the correctly sized frames. 

3| Change Your Hardware

Changing your hardware around on your doors and cabinets is a kitchen design choice you’ll love. But this isn’t limited to the kitchen cabinets; you can switch out the knobs in the bathroom or storage closets. 

kitchen design knobs

Photo courtesy of Schoolhouse

By simply changing from a classic hardware knob to a unique green bubble glass knob, you’ve completely changed the feel and vibe of the kitchen design. In addition, kids’ rooms are enjoyable to implement this room transformation with. 

Feel like a nautical theme? Add nautical dresser knobs. Ready to dive into a modern farmhouse design, switch the hardware to black and white checkers. Schoolhouse has some great information about how to choose knobs and hardware


4| Accessorize with Seagrass Baskets

Seagrass baskets are a simple and sophisticated way to spruce up your home on a budget. The Talia Baskets look fabulous on a shelf or in a foyer. Place them on a rack and fill them with goodies or as an organization helper. 

accessorize with Talia Baskets

Photo and Design by @monikahibbs

Seagrass straw is a natural material found wild in Thailand. Local artisans trained in ancient Thai weaving hand make each basket before finding its way to your home. Check out how to upscale your totes into home decor for more design inspiration. 

straw baskets

Photo of Sara Market Tote

Thai artisans are paid a living wage, and a portion of each Sea & Grass bag sold goes into the Areeya Scholarship Fund. This scholarship sends young boys and girls to school by paying tuition and school supplies. 

ways to use seagrass bags

5| Change Up the Rugs

It’s amazing what a change in attitude, sorry rugs, can do for design inspiration and home furnishing. A new carpet can revitalize a color palette or make a room feel completely different. Rugs don’t have to be too pricey to make a splash. 

Ruggable is affordable, washable, and gorgeous. Your bedroom furniture or living room design will transform with a new rug or two. 


Photo Courtesy of Ruggable 

6| Light Up Some Eco-Friendly Candles

One home design idea super popular right now that is lighting up design trends is candles. So Sea & Grass partnered with Purveyoroffragrance to create home decor candles in different delicious scents. 

But it’s more than a candle. We sourced a high-grade glass for each eco friendly candle that’s reusable as a cocktail glass. The Sea & Grass candles add a relaxing ambiance that refreshes your home in a warm, sustainable glow. 

7| Dip Into Some Paint

If you’re having design issues, one way to solve them is to break out the paintbrush. It’s truly awe-inspiring what a fresh coat of new paint can do for a room. You may not even have to dive into color but brighten up the room with a nice coat of glistening white. 

Some colors that are easy to blend are greys and taupes. Silverpoint is a neutral creamy, rich grey that seems to go with everything, and taupe comes in many lovely shades. Or you can add a statement wall with one bold color, surrounded by creamy white trim. 

new paint for room design

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Burns Design

8| Choose Different Throw Pillows

Sometimes all you need to transform your living room is to invest in new throw pillows. When you add new styles and shapes to your sofa, your room will look original. The eclectic throw pillow designs by John Robshaw will undoubtedly elevate your living space. 

throw pillows home inspiration

Photo Courtesy of John Robshaw

Finding quick and easy ways to refresh your home on a budget is possible with these simple design ideas. Home decor was never so much fun.


Amber Roshay is a content manager who helps brands connect and grow. She's been featured on Business InsiderMotherlyThe Write Life, and more. When she's not writing content, she's enjoying the beach with her family in San Diego.


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