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Halloween Hacks and Costume Ideas with Sea & Grass Kids

Halloween Hacks and Costume Ideas with Sea & Grass Kids

It's that time of the year again— Halloween fun! Yet with everything else on your plate, putting together a homemade costume may be too time-consuming. Sure, you want your kids to look original and a step above the ready-made creations everyone's wearing. But don't worry with these Halloween hacks and costume ideas with Sea & Grass kids and families, you'll be ready for trick or treating in no time.

Kid Costumes with Sea & Grass Bags

Going as your favorite pop movie icon or fairytale character always makes for a good costume. Add in a Sea & Grass bag, and you're flashing style and function (perfect candy holder). 

Favorite Star Wars Characters

Since the 1970s, Star Wars has intrigued children and adults alike. Kids look super cute dressed as Chewbacca and Rey. Accessorize with the Camryn Tote or Mini Tote-Tan, and your kiddos are ready for some serious fun.

Princess Leia and Rey

Girl power in the latest Star Wars movie is inspirational and some adorable costumes. Princess Lei is forever a classic choice, and Rey embodies grace and strength. We love that Sea & Grass bags as finishing touches to amazing outfits. 

Fairytale Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf costumes. The simplicity of the design is eye-catching and comes together in minutes. There's no makeup to apply or a bulky costume to get on. Your kids can explore the neighborhood with Mini-tote Stripe in hand. 

If you love fairy tales, then you're going to love these

My Little Pony Costumes

Did anyone say Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, or Pinkie Pie? If you did, you're going to love these My Little Pony Costumes. The photo ops are worth the effort alone. But don't worry, you can find homemade costumes online that beat out the mass-produced My Little Pony costumes every time. And, of course, nothing is complete without a Pleiades Kids Rainbow Earthtone bag.  


Family Group Costumes

Family group costumes are always heartwarming. Nothing better than cohesiveness to solidify your family connection in adorable creations. 

Rainbow Unicorn Costumes

It may come as no surprise that Sea & Grass loves rainbows. And for any parent, it may not come as a surprise that kids love unicorns. In this family costume package, everyone gets to be a rainbow unicorn. 


Moms need a bag when taking kids anywhere (even if you’re dressed as a unicorn. The Quinn Tote is small yet perfect for wallet, keys, and snacks. 

Family Rainbow Weather Costumes

If you love rainbows and own a wagon, you’re all set to go with these creative and fun DIY family weather costumes. While the end result looks time-intensive, you’ll be surprised by how quick you pull your costumes together. The Kids Rainbowbrite Pastel is the perfect bag to go with any rainbow. 

Source: Studio DIY!

Skeletal Simplicity 

Glow in the dark skeletal jumpsuits or simple t-shirts make Halloween easy for the entire family. All you have to do is throw on the skeletal shirts and go. But don’t forget about your bag to carry any extra bones

Source: EpicTees4You

The Astronaut Family Really Takes Off

Blast off to your next adventure with these super cute astronaut costumes for the whole family. You’ll be defying gravity as you wow your neighbors.

Care Bear Costumes In Minutes

Show your kids and the world you “care” with these adorable costumes. If the idea of using a sewing machine seems like using a typewriter, then with these Care Bears, there’s no sewing involved. Add in a Kid’s Ice Cream Cone bag, and you’re too sweet to resist.

Source: See Vanessa Craft

Make it a Fruit Salad

Fruit doesn’t even have to be in season with this fruit salad family costume combination. Babies and toddlers are perfect pineapples. Throw in the Sea & Grass Rylee + Cru Pineapple Tote and let the good times begin.

Source: Post Partum Party

Fight Day Football Team

You may already have some of the items for the family group costume in your closet. Show your fighting spirit by whipping out your football jersey and pompoms. Plus, you know what goes perfect with pompoms— The Camryn Black Pom Pom bag. This way, you have a place to hold your hot dog and beer. 

Source: Profoundly Ordinary

Mommy and Me Costumes

Mommy and me outfits rock. Plus, your kiddo may only be into them for a short time (you know before tweenhood sets in). In the meantime, you’ll love this DIY mommy and me mermaid costume set by A Beautiful Mess. 

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Buttered Cuteness Anyone

Would you like some buttered popcorn with that onesie? Well, you’re in luck with this Mommy and Me movie popcorn idea that melts butter and hearts. 

 Buttered Popcorn Mommy & Me Costume

Source: Buzzfeed

Halloween Hacks with Sea & Grass Bags

While most bags deserve a spot on your arm, there are other ways to use a Sea & Grass bag. It’s an ideal candy holder for trick or treaters. Not to mention the bags go great with pumpkins. 


Whatever you decide to be on Halloween, these costume ideas are simple and fun. If you throw in a Sea & Grass tote, your costume will surely stand out. We’d love to hear about your favorite family costume or mommy and me costume in the comments below. 

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