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Actionable Steps You Can Take to Stop Racism

Actionable Steps You Can Take to Stop Racism

It can be challenging to talk about race. As a mom of biracial children, I struggle with knowing how to begin. I want them to grow up in a fair and just world. Yet Black families bear the burden of educating their children about racism. Every. Day. There is no choice.

I decided that I needed to learn how to begin the dialogue.

How could I teach my children about racism and injustice while making them an advocate for change? How could I plant the transformative seeds of equality and fairness for all colors, so that we can stop the systemic cycle of racism?

My belief that it begins with education, whether that’s one book at a time, or one conversation at a time, helped create this list of resources. My goal is to raise children free of racism and bias and full of love. In my small way, I want to take the burden off of Black families to be the only ones to talk about and fight racism. I want to champion solutions— one resource at a time.

Taking the time to read

For kids

Mixed by Aree Chung (picture book that shows all colors are good).

Sulwe by Academy by Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o (a picture book that explores colorism, self-esteem, and learning).   

Ruth and the Green Book by Calvin Alexander-Ramsey (teaches children about the challenges African Americans had traveling during the Jim Crow-era).

Parker Looks Up: An Extraordinary Moment by Jessica Curry (a story of a girl who sees hope and change when she encounters a portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama).

Finding Kindness by Deborah Underwood (a heartfelt picture book teaching children and reminding adults on how to be kind)

Little Legends and Little Dreamers Series  by Vachita Harrison (books celebrating Black men and women leaders in history)

Antiracist Baby by National Book Award author Ibram X. Kendi (helps parents begin the difficult conversations about race at a young age).

Blended by Sharon M. Draper (helps children learn about growing up in a blended family).

A Kid’s Book About Racism by Jelani Memory (a simple book to start the conversation about race).

Skin Like Mine and Hair Like Mine by LaTashia M. Perry.

Black is a Rainbow Color by Angela Joy.

Our Stories, Our Voices: 21 YA Authors Get Real About Injustice, Empowerment, and Growing Up Female in America - An anthology of YA authors discussing growing up female in American and how this intersects with class and race. 

For adults

60 Carefully Curated Booklists of Multicultural and Social Justice Books for children, adults, and educators by Social Justice.

White Families’ Guide to Talking About Racism by Education with an Apron (provides tips, videos, and books for white parents to talk about race).  The White Fragility by Robin Diangelo and Michael Eric Dyson (explores why it’s hard for white people to talk about race and how this silence perpetuates racism).

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison (a classic novel that asks questions about beauty, race, and gender).

White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America (Critical Perspectives on Youth) by Margaret A. Hagerman.

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America and How to Be an Antiracist  by National Book Award author Ibram X. Kendi

Becoming by First Lady Michelle Obama

Making Time for Podcasts

How White Parents Can Talk To Their Kids About Race by the NPR podcast Life Kit (helps you start the conversation about race).

5 Podcasts To Listen To If You Really Want To Know About Race In America by Cristian Burno.

8 Podcasts You Should Listen to About Race and Racial Injustice in the US recommended by the Today Show.

Finding Time for Movies & Series

For kids

Nella the Princess Knight on Nick Jr- A cartoon about a biracial princess who decides to become a knight.

Motown Magic on Netflix - The show has a diverse cast of characters with an African American boy as the lead who uses his paintbrush to bring street art to life.

Moana by Disney - Showcases the pacific islander princess Moana looking for herself, rather than Prince Charming.

Akeelah & the Bee from HBO - A 11-year-old African American girl competes in the National Spelling Bee.   Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr. - Bilingual Dora goes on adventures while exploring language and culture.

Doc McStuffins on Disney Jr. - Follow the girl African American doctor to pets on all her healing escapades. 

For Adults

Becoming - the official documentary about First Lady Michelle Obama

13th - Ava DuVernay documentary looking at the criminalization of African Americans in the United States

Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap by Fox - Looks at centuries of racial discrimination have created economic disparities.

When They See Us - Series based on the actual case of five teenagers accused of rape in Central Park in 1989 by Ava DuVernay. The website provides educational materials, too. 

12 Years a Slave - Academy Award Winning Film based on the true story of Solomon Northup's memoirs.

Free Meek - a documentary about the Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill's arrest at 17 for a crime he didn't commit, and the years he spent incarcerated and on probation.   

So you want to learn about racism in America? Stream these 20 compelling movies and TV shows

Black Businesses You’ll Love 

7 POC-owned beauty brands that I already love, or am falling in love with right now

Aliyah Wanek Clothing - ethical clothing for women

The Honey Pot - natural feminine care.

Brave + Kind Books - an online bookstore that focuses on offering books exploring racial inequality. 

Where to Support Black-Owned Businesses in Minneapolis - a list of multiple black-owned businesses from retail to restaurants.

125 Black-Owned Businesses to Support Right Now - an extensive list of Black-owned companies needing your support. 

Causes to support

Colors of Change - a non-profit that advances solutions for racial and social justice with over 1.7 million online members.  

Black Lives Matter Global Network - an organization working towards a life where Black people are no longer marginalized and eradicate white supremacy.

National Bail Out - helps "bailout" Black people incarcerated and provides community services for healing from being behind bars. 

Know Your Rights Camp - started by Colin Kaepernick to help people understand to access legal resources from a team of lawyers and advocates.

Black Voters Matter Fund - reaches out to Black voters to teach why voting matters and empowering people to make change.

BYP100 - committed to fighting gender violence in Black communities.

The National Police Accountability Project - dedicated to holding police officers accountable for their actions.

Campaign Zero - dedicated to ending police violence in America.

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund - the number one organization in the United States fighting social injustice.

Sign the petition to demand justice for George Floyd

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Learn how to talk about racism

Links to articles that discuss how to begin the conversation with your kids about racism.

How to talk to your children about protests and racism

Common Sense Media for Resources on Race and Racism

How to talk to kids about racism, protests, and injustice

Why White Parents Need to Do More Than Talk to Their Kids About Racism

Race Talk: Engaging Young People in Conversations about Race and Racism

Resources for Talking About Race, Racism and Racialized Violence with Kids



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