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50 Working Mom Quotes For Encouragement and Inspiration

50 Working Mom Quotes For Encouragement and Inspiration

Working moms and dads need support sometimes. We're not superhuman, although we like to believe we are, and there are days I sometimes see SuperWoman in the corner of my eye. Okay, maybe that's my kid zooming by with toilet paper, but still, one can only hope that I am accomplishing superhuman feats while looking cute!

But I need some inspiration to get the job done a lot of the time. I look around my house and go, hmmm, didn't I just clean up. Or not so calmly explain to my son for the millionth time that feet are not for kicking but for walking. 

Finding the working mom's work and life balance is challenging, but what helps are these 50 mom quotes for encouragement and inspiration. Some of them will make you cry and laugh, and others will give you the fortitude to keep going, one super mom feat at a time. 

50 Working Mom Quotes for Encouragement and Inspiration

  1. Remember, there will be short and long days, but this moment right now doesn't matter. 

  2. My kids need their pops as much as they need their mama.

  3. I'm a writer AND a mother. 

    Working Mom Quote for Inspiration
  4. Yes, I wipe up poop, but I deserve to get paid. 

  5. The only thing I do truly know as a mom is that I love my kids. Everything else is just extra. 

  6. Yeah, that's my kid licking the chair with the mismatched socks.

  7. You. Got. This. 

  8. If my boss gave me special treatment for having kids, I'd be at the spa right now. 

  9. After kid number two, hanging out with just one feels like a vacation. 

  10. Working moms need naps too. 

  11. Not all working moms need to work; some just want to. 

  12. I had no idea that being with my kids would be so exhausting and that work would feel like a vacation. 

  13. Some days I think that being away from my kids all day will make them happier. 

  14. During my 45-minute commute, we listen to the I am a pizza song on repeat. This still doesn't drown out the crying. 

  15. Everyone keeps reminding me that it'll get easier. Like when my children go to college. 

  16. As much as I can't wait for them to not need me anymore, I secretly love to feel their warm wet faces pressing to the back of my legs as I try to go to the bathroom by myself. 

  17. Working moms know what it feels like to have "a first" happen without them. Missing your child walking for the first time or saying I love you is heartbreaking. Other times, like the first epic diaper blowout or the twenty-minute tantrum over a toy, it is a relief not to have been a part of it. Just saying. 

  18. Working moms envy SAHMs until there's a long weekend.

  19. SAHMs envy working moms until they see how their kids are dressed for the recital. 

  20. The best part about picking my kiddos up from school is how my daughter runs toward me and says hiyeeeeee, before slamming into my legs for a giant hug. 

  21. So, instead of picking my kids up from school a little early, I went to the gym, got a latte, and ate a cookie without sharing it. Then I picked them up. My son saw the crumbs, but I told him the cat had left them. He's two, and I'm pretty positive he didn't believe me. 

  22. The first time I dropped my mini-me off at daycare, I cried in the parking lot for twenty minutes. Going back to work was the first hard choice of parenthood. Thankfully, I'm over it!

  23. Working moms treat pizza as a vegetable. 

  24. After work, bonding with the kiddos means a glass of wine in one hand while reading the same book ten times before bed. 

  25. The first time I lied to my son, I told him that my wine was coffee. Now, he makes coffee in his play kitchen and in the bathtub. One day in the store, he told the sales clerk that mommy needed her coffee and pointed at the boxed wine. The sales clerk, a woman in her thirties smiled and remarked, don't we all. 

  26. Playdates for working moms consists of cleaning the kitchen while folding the laundry while texting. 

  27. The only thing I've gotten right as a mom is that I really don't know anything. 

  28. I feel so guilty for being away from my daughter that I lie down with her every night until she falls asleep. I cup her hand and don't want to let go. Ever. 

  29. There are days that I'm so tired I can't sleep. 

  30. Most parents learn early that having children might have been the mistake they'd never change. 

    Working mom quote for encouragement and inspiration
  31. Being a working mom means that you can nap instead of the kids. 

  32. When you have good childcare or school, you're definitely getting your money's worth. Potty training is a little bit easier.

  33. At some point, your kids will take advantage of the fact you feel guilty for being away and will continuously ask for chocolate, knowing that you'll give it to them. 

  34. Your kids will start to prefer school over being with you all day in the house. When that happens, you'll cry, then you'll rejoice. 

  35. When my daughter told her teacher that my mother yells all day for a living, I took a really good look at myself. And then I laughed. 

  36. My kids think that I'm solely alive for them. And you know, they're right. 

  37. I told my daycare provider to not tell me if my daughter walked for the first time without me. Unfortunately, the message didn't get relayed to her assistant, and one day I came to pick her up, and the young girl told me that she had walked. I was crushed. But then I realized that I was the only one she ran to. 

  38. Single working moms have a hard time. But what they don't have to manage is co-parenting every day. They can give their kids mac n cheese for a week straight, and no one knows. 

  39. As a parent, the only sure thing I know is that daycare opens at 7:30 a.m.

  40. My favorite old movie is Sixteen Candles. I love the scene with the father and the son waiting for his daughter/sister to come out of the bathroom. What's taking her so long? Asked the dad. 
    She got her period, said the son. 
    Where did you learn that from? 
    At school
    Hmmm, I'm getting my money's worth.

    This is how I feel about daycare. 

  41. When I have a day off and my kids have school, I enjoy walking them to the school door instead of pushing them out with my boot and screeching from the curve to get to work. 

  42. Sometimes you need to cut the school drop offline. Remember to ignore the honks and middle fingers. 

  43. I have to remember that the non-stop crying in the car on the way home from school means they really have missed me. They just have a funny way of showing it. 

  44. I really want to say that having a pet is not like having a child, so when my coworker explains how raising her dog Sam to have good manners is the same as getting my toddler to stop throwing food, I realize that unless you have kids, you'll never truly understand what it means to be a parent. 

  45. There are days that I regret becoming a mom. I'm sure that I'm failing. I'm sure that my kids will turn out to be psychopaths. Then I check on them at night before bed, and this all goes away. Nothing beats the rosy cheeks of a sleeping child. Nothing. 

  46. My husband loves to get the kids up in the morning. So some days, even we're behind schedule, I listen by the door as he whispers to our daughter, "I love you, baby girl. Do you love me?"

  47. I'm sure that an empty nest will make me lonely. But at this moment, with two kids in diapers, a full-time job, and a cat that poops in the shower, an empty nest for one night is precisely what I need. 

  48. Working moms are like any other parent, except they can go to the bathroom by themselves between 9-5. 

  49. The toughest part about being a mom is that I never stop worrying. The best part about being a working mom is that for 40 hours a week, I sometimes forget to. 

  50. Like all moms, nothing is better than hearing your child say I love you for the very first time. For a split second, you know that it's worth it. 

I hope you enjoyed these 50 working mom quotes for encouragement and inspiration. All moms, whether or not you work, stay at home or do a combination of both, are superheroes. Don't forget to grab your working mom discount for the perfect beach bag

What's your favorite working mom quote? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. 


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