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Falling Into Fall: 2021 Fashion Trends You'll Love

Falling Into Fall: 2021 Fashion Trends You'll Love

It's that time of year again— fall leaves, pumpkins, and ghosts. It's also that time to start thinking about fall fashion. As usual, comfy sweaters and cardigans make the list, but what may surprise you at how the 90s have made a surprising appearance. Or not, since fashion is constantly recycled. Well, this year, get out your Nirvana, strap on some Doc Martens, and get ready to experience a decade filled with fashion trends you'll love.

Doc Martens Are Back 

Doc Martens are combat boots so tough you can pair them with just about anything. But, by far, the most popular choice is the 1460 lace-up boots in genuine leather. These babies match nicely with a flowy dress, your favorite pair of jeans, or a bulky sweater. 

Doc Martens for fall 2021 fashion

Photo Courtesy of An Indigo Day

They also give your legs a workout since each one weighs over a pound. But they last for years and come in different colors and styles like the Chelsea boots, Mary Janes, and Oxford. Some even advertised as being lightweight. Whatever your style is, Doc Martens have made a roaring comeback. So put on a pair, watch Friends, and fall into fall. 

Did Someone Say Birkenstock?

Another shoe back in style, after decades of hiding out, are the beloved Birkenstocks. Okay, maybe, they never wholly retreated. The super comfy, foot-supporting German shoe company knows how to make a good pair of shoes. I can attest. 

Birkenstocks with socks

Photo Courtesy of Fashion Gum

By far, my favorite buy of the season is the Arizona Birkenstock. Yes, I do wear them with socks. In the house, of course. I haven't been brave enough to venture out. But you can forgo the socks if you invest in a pair of
Arizona Shearling or Boston Shearling. 

The casual slip-on shoes come lined with cozy shearling. Shearling is lambskin with the wool still on it, so they form a warm place for your feet. Birkenstock also has a Mommy & Me collection that makes matching with your kiddo super fun.

Overalls Are In

Well, if you've been secretly hoping for overalls to make a comeback, you're in luck. This fall season trend makes overalls not just for farmers anymore. Not that they ever were in the 90s. Overalls come in the classic slouchy jean look and a more modern version like the one from Pact. 

lightweight overalls for fall

Photo Courtesy of Pact

You can roll up the bottoms and pair them with your favorite slip-on shoes or even your Doc Martens. Overalls are casual, fun, and comfortable. What is not to love?

Okay, maybe if the straps don't fit right. Yeah, that can happen. So keep that in mind when you buy a pair. You want overall straps that fit snugly and don't slip. You'll be ready to paint a masterpiece or rope some cattle in no time. Now, isn't that what you do with your favorite pair of overalls?!

Thrifting Is So 1990s (Or Is It?)

If you haven't gotten into thrifting, maybe you should. The reasons are endless. Okay, perhaps not endless, but I can think of a few. First, well, it's cheaper. Yeah, you can snag some trendy styles at rock bottom prices.

Next, it's a way to avoid fast fashion and slide oh so slowly into slow fashion. Although some people would argue that you're still having stuff delivered and plane travel is terrible for the environment. Well, go to a thrift store or hit up GoodWill. 

thrifting is a fall fashion trend

The last reason thrifting may be for you is the thrill of the hunt. When you find that perfect piece for fall, you'll get a rush stronger than seeing 3,000 likes on your Instagram. The dopamine rush is real. In any case, thrifting is a more sustainable shopping choice that's good for the planet and good for you fall closet. Heck, you may even find an actual pair of overalls from the 1990s. 

Denim Purses Oh My!

The 90s jean purse in stonewashed loveliness just got an upgrade with the Ella Wallet Crossbody Clutch. It combines natural woven seagrass with a rich denim top in vintage blue. It has a metal twist closure and detachable strap. This way, it's a crossbody, wallet, or clutch, depending on how 90s you feel. 

handmade blue denim clutch

The Kenzie Denim Crossbody is a similar choice with a luxurious denim flap and handmade seagrass body. This bag ticks all the boxes—sophisticated, long-lasting, and versatile.

Plus, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Areeya Scholarship Fund for each bag sold, which helps send kids to school. Sea & Grass is a woman-owned company dedicated to providing ethically made handbags. 

Grab a Plaid Shirt and Go

Your boyfriend's plaid shirt may keep you warm, but it'll also keep you fall-ready. This may be one of my favorite fall trends. Because what's better than plaid? Well, plaid flannel. Gosh, you didn't guess that?!

plaid mocha shirt

 Photo Courtesy of 12th Tribe

In the 90s, wearing flannel with warm plaid colors with a pair of high-waisted Levi's and a scrunchy was about the most effortless everyday comfort outfit possible.

Well, now that we've traveled through the decade and highlighted some pretty amazing fall fashion trends, you're ready to upgrade your closet. Or reach back in the closet and recycle clothes you've kept, just in case you got to travel back in time, with style, of course! I can hear Nirvana now! 

Amber Roshay is a content manager who helps brands connect and grow. She's been featured on Business InsiderMotherlyThe Write Life, and more. When she's not writing content, she's enjoying the beach with her family in San Diego.


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